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Other COSE Scholarships and Fellowships

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Other Undergradute Scholarship/Fellowship programs:





SF BUILD, Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity


Leticia Marquez-Magana; Teaster Baird, Jr; Carmen Domingo


REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Biological Research in Ecological Evolutionary Developmental Biology (BREED)  

Sarah Cohen nsfreu@sfsu.edu

REU Sustainable Groundwater


Leora Nanus lnanus@sfsu.edu

REU Smart Structure Technology


Zhaoshuo Jiang zsjiang@sfsu.edu

GEN-PINC Scholarship (Genentech Foundation)


Ilmy Yoon; Anagha Kulkarni; Pleuni Pennings; Rori Rohlfs  pincsfsu@sfsu.edu

Minors, Certificates & other programs:


PINC - Promoting Inclusivity in Computing

PINC Summer Program 

Science Coding Immersion Program (SCIP)

Ilmy Yoon; Pleuni Pennings; Carmen Domingo pincsfsu@sfsu.edu

Other Graduate Scholarship/Fellowship Programs



SEPAL, Science Education Partnership Assessment Lab


Kimberly Tanner sepal@sfsu.edu

CSME, Center for Science and Mathematics Education


Eric Hsu csme@sfsu.edu

GEN-PINC Scholarship (Genentech Foundation)


Anagha Kulkarni; Ilmi Yoon; Pleuni Pennings


Minors, Certificate & other programs:


PINC, Promoting Inclusivity in Computing

Ilmy Yoon; Pleuni Pennings; Carmen Domingo



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