NIH xTrain Appointments

NIH eRA Commons xTrain

As part of the NIH appointment process for your fellowship, each year you need to enter or update your information in the NIH eRA Commons website and accept an appointment form through the xTrain system. We will guide you through this process:

1. Create an NIH eRA Commons account

2. First-time log-in with a temporary password and make a private password

3. Complete the Personal Profile information

4. Also create an ORCID iD to help the NIH track publications over time. See more information about the ORCID iD HERE.

5. Review your scholarship appointment - Accessing xTrain as a student trainee

6. Accept your scholarship appointment (Save and Route to PI) - Processing (Accepting) an xTrain appointment as a student trainee

7. Getting past the Common Appointment Errors/Warnings