Information for SEO Faculty Mentors

Samples of scholarship activities

Travel Forms for SEO Scholars

Student Research Supply Funds

Most of the SEO scholarships include student research supply money. If you need to purchase research supplies for your SEO scholar, please contact the SEO Office for more information.

Before we purchase any technology for research, we need to check the pre-approved technology list: Pre-approved technologyIf the technology is not listed, then we need to get an approved Technology Acquisition Request (TAR) before making any purchases. 

Before we purchase any chemicals for research, we need to check the Restricted Chemicals and Equipment list. We need prior approval to order anything on this list (e.g. formaldehyde, chlorine, lasers).

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) requirements

All SEO scholars are trained in the responsible conduct of research.

For NSF scholarships (STC CCC) the students have to complete a CITI training form and submit it to ORSP within the first month and then participate in RCR training throughout the year.

For NIH (MARC, RISE, Bridge) and privately-funded scholarships the RCR training occurs throughout the year and the forms are due to ORSP in the spring.

If you have questions about RCR training for your student, please contact the SEO Office.

NIH Public Access Policy

Effective April 7, 2008 under federal law, NIH requires that the author's final version of any peer-reviewed journal article resulting from NIH-funded activities MUST be submitted to the PubMed Central (PMCID) repository, where it will be made available to the public within 12 months after the journal article is published. If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the SEO Office before your publication goes to press.

Please note: Funded students should cite their fellowship grant numbers on posters and in publications. See the instructions below.

Sample wording from the NIH for publishers that do not automatically grant open access for the journal articles:

“The Journal acknowledges that the Author retains the right to provide a copy of the final peer-reviewed manuscript to the NIH upon acceptance for Journal publication, for public archiving in PubMed Central as soon as possible but no later than 12 months after publication by Journal.”