Tax Information

Students that receive a stipend from the University for their fellowship can access a 1098-T form in their student Gateway starting each January. (U-RISE, Bridges, CDI, STC CCC)

Students that receive a stipend from UCORP for their fellowship will receive a 1099-MISC form letter in the mail each year by January 31. (Genentech, BMS, VIR)


1098-T Form

Students that receive a stipend from SF State for their fellowship (U-RISE, Bridges, CDI, STC CCC) can access a 1098-T form starting each January. To access the 1098-T form click HERE.

Also a video about this HERE.


1099-MISC Form

For stipends issued by the SF State University Corporation - a non-profit foundation (Genentech Foundation Scholars, BMS BE-STEM, VIR), they issue a 1099-MISC form instead of the 1098-T form that the University uses. They mail the 1099-MISC letters by February of each year. For a replacement 1099-MISC letter, contact UCORP: . 


W-2 Form (not common for SEO programs)

Students that receive a paycheck for their SEO participation (special projects only) will receive a W2 form each year by February 15. If you move, you should update your address with HR by early December. If you need to order a replacement W-2 form click HERE.


Address change reminder for tax documents

Each year the State Controller's Office (SCO) mails W-2 forms to the address of record for state employees. You should receive a W-2 form by February 15 of each year. If your current address is different than what was printed on your October Pay Period Statement of Earning or your home address has changed recently, it is important to change your address of record so that your W-2 form is mailed to the correct address. The deadline for submitting address changes is usually the first week in December.

For ways to update your address, click HERE.


Do students need to pay taxes on their scholarships or fellowships?

The SEO Office does not give tax advice. Below are links to general IRS information about scholarship and fellowship funding. Also, you can consult a tax professional regarding your specific situation.