SEO Scholarship-Fellowship Payments

SEO Scholarship-Fellowship Payments

SEO fellowships are disbursed through a monthly stipend check, or as a Student Assistant Researcher with an hourly (time-sheet) paycheck, or as a Graduate Assistant with a monthly, salaried paycheck. Stipend checks can be picked up in the Disbursement Office ADM 358. Paychecks can be picked up in ORSP ADM 471.


SF State Part-time, Seasonal and Temporary Employees Retirement Program (PST)

If you are hired as a Graduate Assistant or a Student Assistant Researcher, you are a CSU employee who is excluded from coverage under CalPERS. You are automatically enrolled in the PST Program. This applies to student assistant researchers and graduate assistants when you are not enrolled in classes at least 50% time or more (January, June, July and August). Savings Plus administers the program. The program deducts a portion of your wages and deposits it in an account for you. It is set up as a 457(b) retirement savings plan.