PhD Applications & Adios GREs!

Graduate Program Application Guidelines

Fee Waiver Information

Some institutions give application fee waivers only for a demonstrated financial need, but others give fee waivers based on participating in certain educational programs. If you need a verification letter for a fee waiver to apply to a graduate program, contact the SEO Office.  If you are a Genentech Foundation Scholar, see the Genentech Scholars webpage

SEO Alumni in PhD Programs

Adios GREs!

Based on the current literature it is clear the general Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is biased against women and minorities and also lacks predictive value. We support dropping the use of the GRE in applications and review of applicants to STEM graduate programs. To this end, we participate in the efforts to remove GRE requirements at all graduate programs in STEM. The NSF has dropped the use of the GREs from consideration of the NSF GRFP application and NIH has dropped the GRE from both T-32 and F-31 fellowship applications. 

A running list (GRExit) of all the graduate (MS & PhD) programs who have dropped the GRErequirement is available.  GRExit: For mostly biology programs click HERE and another for physics programs click HERE

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