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2022 - Congratualations to the SEO scholars who presented their research at the CoSE 2022 Student Project Showcase (SPS) on May 3 in SF State Annex 1. See the SEO scholars who won awards HERE.


2021 - SEO scholar Loni Matthews made a video for Black Scholars in Marnine Science (BIMS). She takes viewers on a journey to learn about microplastics and how they impact the environment for Pacific Mole Crabs and their predators. See the YouTube video HERE


2021- SEO Scholars participated in an SF State LEADS class and helped to author an article bout it. See more about the course HERE and the CBE article HERE.


2021 - SEO Scholars named as CSU Pre-Doctoral Scholars to further support their research. See the article HERE.


2021 - Professor Teaster Baird Jr. named American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Fellow. See the articles HERE and HERE.


2021 - Check out the Gator Talk presentation on research opportunities given by Dr. Megumi Fuse, Dr. Linda Chen, & Elaine Sidori HERE.


2021- There will be another Science Coding Immersion Program (SCIP) this summer. See the flyer HERE and webpage HERE.


2021 - Inside Higher Ed article explores SF State Biology faculty effort to fight racism in STEM. See the article HERE and HERE.


2020 - Professor Blake Riggs selected as one of 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America. See the article HERE

Dr. Blake Riggs


2020 - SF State science coding programs boost biotech diversity. See the article HERE


2020 - Faculty and Students at SF State's Health Equity Research Lab were part of a project to make the short film If these Cells Could Talk based on research into African American collegiate males and their relative telomere length. See the video HERE


2020 - Congratulations to the SF State students that presented research at the ABRCMS Conference 2020. See the list HERE.


2020 - $2 million in grants to deliver cutting-edge equipment for student science research. See the detials HERE.


2020 - Congratulations to the SACNAS at SFSU chapter. They won the SACNAS 2020 award for Outstanding Professional Development.

SACNAS at SFSU chapter award for Outstanding Professional Development

Also, congratulations to the SF State students that presented research at the SACNAS Conference 2020. See the list HERE.


2020 - SF State Magazine published an article about the Genentech Foundation Scholars program titled "Head Space: A new grant is helping SF State’s scientists of tomorrow focus less on making ends meet and more on cutting-edge research."  See the article HERE.

Head Space science illustration


2020 - Congratulations to our SEO Scholars entering PhD prgograms this year! Check out the list of 27 students & the programs they were accepted to HERE.


2020 - Alumni Highlight: Former SEO Scholar Olivia Pham & Prof. Pennings made three videos for Nextstrain about COVID-19. See the videos HERE (1) / HERE (2) / HERE (3).


2020 - CoSE received a $10.5M grant from the Genentech Foundation for life sciences student training programs! See an article about it HERE and HERE

Genentech Foundation Dissertation Scholar Wilmer Amaya-Mejia


2019 - SF State alumna and former SEO Scholar, Shawntel Okonkwo, gave a TEDx Talk at UCLASee "Intersectionality will save the future of science" HERE.


2019 - Thank you to the SACNAS at SFSU students who volunteered to help with the qBio Conference held at SF State this summer, which was co-sponsored by the UCSF STC Center for Cellular Construction. We couldn't have done it without you.

SACNAS @ SF State students volunteering at the qBio 2019 Conference


2019 - SEO had 23 scholars accepted by PhD programs in 2019. Congratulations! See the details HEREAlso see the SEO scholars accepted by PhD programs for the past few years HERE


2019 - Congratulations to the SF State Genentech Foundation Scholars for a decade of success. See the PhD success rate slide HERE.


2019 - SFSU BIOL 861-Science Communication class made a youtube channel about SFSU science. There are some good interviews with students doing research by RISE scholar, Jordan Solomon. See the videos HERE


2018 - BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE; Celebrating 26 Years of Increasing Diversity in STEMCOSE recently hosted a celebration including SEO alumni and current students, faculty and staff. Professor Bayliss was honored for starting the MS/PhD Bridges program at SF State 26 years ago. To see photos of the celebration, follow the link HERE, click on the gallery called "Frank Bayliss Retirement Party SFSU 2018", and the password is 92618. 


2018 - To honor the 25+ years since the SEO programs started, we made a brief video about the programs. See the video HERE.

Professor Frank Bayliss and students

2018 - The success of SEO scholars was noted as part of SF State's "Bold Thinking Campaign." See the impact statement HERE.
2018 - Corrie Saux Moreau, SEO Alumni, is reshaping the view of insect evolution through groundbreaking research on ants. Check out her incredible findings in this article published by National Geographic! Read the article HERE.
2018 - SEO had 18 scholars accepted by PhD programs in 2018. Congratulations! See the details HERE.


2017- Congratulations to former SEO scholars, Sofia Prado-Irwin and Alicia Bird on their recent publication, "Intraspecific Variation in the Skin-Associated Microbiome of a Terrestrial Salamander." See the article HERE.  Also, the article made the cover of the issue of Microbial Ecology.


2017 - SEO scholar Monet Jimenez was featured in a video about the joint UCSF-SFSU STC Center for Cellular Construction scholarship. See the video HERE


2017 - The SACNAS at SFSU group had a canned/dried food drive and donated the food to the NorCal - Bay Area Wildfire victims.

SACNAS at SFSU students helping wildfire victims in Napa County


2017 - SEO had 20 scholars accepted by PhD programs this year. Congratulations! See the details HERE.


2017 - SF State Advances Science by Ensuring Labs Are Open to All. A University article about the SEO Office, and other training Programs, and featuring an SEO alum, Audra JohnsonSee the details HERE.


2016 - SEO had 24 scholars accepted by PhD programs this year. Congratulations! See the details HERE.

Talia Hart during graduation 2017


2016  - SF State alumn, former SEO scholar, and now PhD candidate Matilde Miranda made a video for LabTV about becoming a medical scientist. See the video HERE. Matilde talks about the positive research experiences that she had at SF State as an undergraduate. 


2016 - A study by Priceonimics found SF State to be first in diversity among the largest 100 universitiesSee the article HERE.


2015- The SEO Bridges to the Doctorate scholarship program was renwed for five more years with Professors Megumi Fuse and Frank Bayliss as Program Directors. See the article HERE.


2015 - SF State among top producers of minority STEM graduatesSee the article HERE.


2015 - SF State alumna and former SEO Scholar, Britta Hardesty, was featured in a CBS News article titled "Big Hazard to Seabirds? One Word: Plastics." See the article HERE.


2011 - The work of the SEO office was featured on CBS Sunday Morning News. See the news clip HERE, and the SF State news article about it HERE, and the NIH article about the news story HERE.


2010 - Dr. Bayliss received the US Presidential Award for mentoringSee more information HERE and HERE and the award HERE.