Graduate Fellowships

There is one application for the MS/PhD Bridge, RISE Graduate, STC CCC, CDI and Genentech Foundation MS Scholars fellowships. Click any of these links below to see the application instructions and access the Graduate Online Application

These fellowships are for students majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.


SEO Programs for PhD bound students, US Citizens and Permanent Residents





NIH MS/PhD Bridge Program


Megumi Fuse (415) 405-0728

NIH RISE, Research Initiative for Science Enhancement


Megumi Fuse (415) 405-0728

NSF STC Center for Cellular Construction


Frank Bayliss (415) 338-1305

SFSU/UCSF Cell Design Institute Scholars


Frank Bayliss (415) 338-1305
SEO Programs for pre-PhD/pre- MD/DDS/DVM students, US Citizens, Permanent Residents, DACA    

Genentech Foundation MS Scholars


Frank Bayliss (415) 338-1071
Other SF State University graduate programs:

NSF RIPTIDES Interdisciplinary Marine Science Training Program


Karina Nielsen (415) 338-3514

SEPAL, Science Education Partnership Assessment Lab


Kimberly Tanner (415) 338-6968

CSME, Center for Science and Mathematics Education


Eric Hsu (415) 405-4190

PINC, Promoting Inclusivity in Computing

& the PINC Blog

Ilmy Yoon / Pleuni Pennings / Carmen Domingo


(415) 338-2335

CIRM, California Institute of Regenerative Medicine

Ends 2019-21

Carmen Domingo (415) 338-6995