Graduate Fellowships

The deadline for our 2022-23 applications has past. After the application deadline is over and throughout the year, you can complete an Applicant Profile. If you submit a profile, we will let you know if any new scholarships or fellowships open outside of our regular spring application deadline.

There is one application for pre-PhD and one for pre-Medical for all scholarships listed below.

 If you are not sure of you career track, that is perfectly fine – apply to Pre-PhD. BUT make sure your personal statement reflects this.


If you are interested in post graduate STEM research in a PhD, PharmD, or DVM, or unsure of your career goals then use this form.  This program is designed to prepare you for success in PhD, PhamD or DVM programs after graduation.

  • Graduate PRE-PhD Online Application (PhD, PharmD, DVM) - The online application is closed.

If you are interested in post-graduate pre-professional training in MD, DO, DDS or MD/PhD, programs, then use this form. This program is designed to make you more competitive for MD, DO, DDS or MD/PhD, programs after graduation.  MD, DO, DDS or MD/PhD programs are highly competitive and participation in this program does not guarantee acceptance into these post-graduate programs.

  • Graduate PRE-MEDICAL Online Application (MD, MD/PhD, DDS, DO) The online application is closed.


These fellowships are for graduate students majoring in Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics.

Click any of the Program links below to see program details and eligibility.



SEO Scholarship/Fellowship Programs





NIH SFSU-UCSF Bridge to Doctorate    (NIH Bridge) Scholars


Megumi Fuse

NSF STC Center for Cellular Construction (CCC) Scholars


Frank Bayliss

SFSU/UCSF Cell Design Institute (CDI) Scholars


Frank Bayliss

Genentech Foundation (GF) MS Scholars


Frank Bayliss