Conferences, Posters & Travel

Scholars are encouraged to present their research at a professional scientific conference or meeting each academic year. Some meetings are virtual, some are in person, and some are hybrid with a choice to travel. Approval for travel funds is conditional and requires the scholarship director's prior consent. Scholars need to request the funds for travel at least 30 days ahead of time.



If you are you want to attend a virtual conference, submit this form to SEO: 

and we will need an approved Technology Acquisition Review (TAR) form before you register for a virtual conference.

- OR -

If you want to attend an in-person conference, submit this form to SEO: 

and we will need an approved Request for Authorization to Travel (RAT) form before spending any money on travel



For ORSP funded students:

SF State Request for Authorization to Travel (RAT) with ORSP funding


If driving to an event, ask us if it is possible to be reimbursed for this:

- OR -

For Genentech Foundation Scholars funded through UCORP:




After the travel is finished, have a list of your expenses and all of the required receipts.

For ORSP-funded scholars, meet with an SEO staff person to fill out a Combined Travel Claim and Expense Form.

- OR - 

For UCORP-funded scholars, meet with an SEO staff person to fill out a Travel Claim and Expense Report.




As of June 1, 2021, CSU pandemic-related travel restrictions have ended. Authority and responsibility for SF State travel is now at the campus level. The travel ban has been lifted. Reasonable and necessary travel may resume according to the CSU Travel Policy including the timely submission of an ORSP Request for Authorization to Travel (RAT) form or UCORP Dometstic Travel Authorization (DTA) form before making any travel arrangements.

Travelers are responsible for complying with SF department of Public Health orders and the health orders for their destinations. Travelers should adhere to the latest travel guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



SEO students at a conference


Poster Information

  • Poster making tips: HERE and tips for abstracts and getting the most out of a professional, scientific meeting HERE


  • A Google Drive folder with official SF State & SEO Office logos available for use HERE. Please feel free to use these on your presentations!
  • For UCSF CCC logos, log in to the CCC Member webpages HERE. Ask your faculty research mentor or SEO for the credentials.




Sample Conferences for SEO Scholars

Other Sources of Funding for Travel